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Alyssa Trask plays Carly Catto on Backstage.


She started dancing when she was two, when her parents put her in dance class and then acting when she was twelve.[1] She has trained in many dance styles like jazz, hip hop and ballet.[Reference needed]

She played Emma in The American Girl Doll movie, Isabelle Dances into the spotlight, was on Team Sweden in The Next Step and was on Stanly dynamic[2].


She has a younger sister named Avery Trask.[3]


  • She danced with the National Ballet of Canada.
  • Alyssa co-starred with Devyn Nekoda and her little sister, Avery Trask, in An American Girl: Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight.
  • Alyssa shares her birthday with fellow cast member, Josh Bogert.
  • Her favorite colour is blue.[4]
  • When she was nine she shattered her elbow in a tumbling class.
  • Her middle name is Nicole.
  • Other cast members call her Aly.



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