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Cassandra Miller is a Grade 12 student and the leader for the Primas at Keaton School of the Arts.



Keaton School of the Arts

Cassandra used to be in the dance program at Keaton and is now a mentor. 



Cassandra is very driven and focused on dance, which causes her to seem very uptight and stern. She's very precise, as shown in Eyes Forward when she specifically asked Carly for a hunter green drink, instead of a forest green. She's solely focused on dance, and will do whatever it takes to have an elite team. 

Physical Appearance

Cassandra has long curly blonde hair that hangs down her back and is typically braided in a waterfall style. She has tanned skin and light blue eyes. She's very tall and has great posture and an athletically toned body, very well suited for dance, which may be assumed why she has great technique. She's typically seen scowling.

Clothing Style

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Cassandra's clothing style is varying from long blue dresses, to tight tops and skirts, to her dance wear, which is white tights and a blue leotard. Her favorite color is presumably blue as that is the Prima's dance wear color and the color of most of what she wears outside of dance.



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Cassandra and Vanessa seemed to get along fairly well when Vanessa was a Prima. Vanessa was willing to do whatever she had to for Cassandra, and Cassandra often complimented Vanessa on her amazing dance skills. However, Cassandra didn't think that Carly was good for Vanessa, so she asked Vanessa to end her friendship with her. When Vanessa refused to do so, Cassandra kicked her out of the Primas. Later on, they are still professional around one another, but Vanessa still thinks that Cassandra is a harsh leader and an unfriendly person. She calls her "Evil Dance Dictator" to Carly.


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Carly and Cassandra have an on-off relationship. She can be nice to Cassandra, but they do fight often. When they are not upset with each other, she calls her "Cassie".


Aiden and Cassandra previously dated, but Aiden broke up with, due to both problems of the relationship, and that he liked Scarlette.

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  • She likes Green Juice
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