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She, being Etta Helsweel, Prima Ballerina for the National Ballet from 1975 to 1980. She's the real thing! Mean as... well, they don't call her Hell on Wheels for nothing. But, rumour has it: under that tough exterior, she's a big teddy bear.

Sasha, "The First Day"

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Etta[1] Helsweel (usually referred to as Helsweel or Ms. Helsweel) is the strict, no-nonsense ballet teacher at Keaton School of the Arts.



Etta Helsweel danced as a Prima for for the National Ballet from 1975 - 1980.[1] Later, she became a ballet teacher.

Keaton School of the Arts

Etta Helsweel teaches a ballet class at Keaton.



Helsweel is extremely strict. She often discourages the dancers; although, the good side about this is that she doesn't sugarcoat and is honest. Despite her strict personality, a soft side of Helsweel is seen, when she is encouraging Carly.[2] When she is kind to someone, she usually tries to cover it up, as seen when she excitedly says she knew Beckett and Vanessa would make a good pair - and then says that they mask each other's mistakes very well.

Physical Appearance

Ms. Helsweel has light skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair that is in a bob. She is tall and slim.

She often wears a black sweatband.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


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