Congratulations on your big win... and on making a powerful new enemy.

Cassandra Miller

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"Friend or Foe" is the 21st episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


The music students put aside their differences to get through a difficult day. Vanessa makes a promise she might not be able to keep. Denzel must deliver bad news to a friend.


While choreographing for Sloane and the "Streets", Vanessa accidentally breaks a side mirror on Maria's car with her crutch. Maria seeks to have Principal Durani shut down the group, but Vanessa suggests they audition to become an official dance club at Keaton, which would entitle them to studio space for rehearsals. Their audition satisfies Maria and Helsweel, but not Cassandra, who is obligated to yield some of the time the Primas use the studio.

Denzel is looking for someone to direct his music video; he and Scarlett evaluate prospects but come up empty. Denzel then meets Austin, impressed by his filming background, but it takes some convincing to get him to be the video's director. As one condition, Austin wants Alya in the video as the singer, rather than Scarlett.

While Miles undergoes kidney transplant surgery, Alya, Jax and Bianca are in music class thinking about him and hoping for the best. They work on a get-well song for him and later perform it in his hospital room after he is out of surgery.








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