Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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I could kiss you.

Julie to Scarlett, "Lose Yourself"

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Juliett is the pairing between Julie and Scarlett.


They have a great friendship and have become really close despite not really becoming friends until recently.They have known each other since grade nine.



"The First Day"

"The Brightside"

  • Scarlett and Julie prepare for freshman orientation.
  • Scarlett tells Julie that the orientation days are a waste of time.
  • Julie begins a speech, but Scarlett interrupts by putting a song on.
  • Scarlett and Julie tidy up the gymnasium.
  • Julie thanks Scarlett who modestly replies that it was all Julie. She also admits that it was "sort of fun".
  • After contemplating, Scarlett expresses that she wanted to try her cake which ensues in Julie suddenly remembering about it.

"Dig Deeper"

  • Julie tells Scarlett her parents don't know she goes to Keaton.

"In Their Shoes"

"Lose Yourself"

  • Julie exclaims, "I could kiss you!" to Scarlett

"Twelve Hours to Showtime"


  • Scarlett and Julie stand with one another.


"Eyes Forward"





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