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Sasharly is the non-canon pairing between Sasha and Carly.



Sasha and Carly first meet during Carly's first day at Keaton.[1] Gradually, Carly begins to develop romantic feelings for Sasha. [2] and they eventually "date" (Carly believes that they are dating though most likely Sasha wanted to just hang out as friends).[3] Although, after Sasha consoles Carly, Carly tries to kiss him but Sasha denies the gesture, saying "I'm not- Nevermind, it doesn't matter." Sasha may possibly be gay though it hasn't been confirmed.[4] After the rejected kiss incident, Carly begins to ignore Sasha because things become awkward or as Sasha referred to it: The Classic Carly Cold Shoulder. Sasha however, still wants to be friends with her and even asks for the help of Vanessa in "The Understudy" Carly begins to talk to him again in "Hold On".


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