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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Ready as I'll ever be.

Vanessa, to Carly

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Here we go! First day of one of the most prestigious art schools in the country.


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Every student here feels exactly the same; it's just that some are better than hiding it than others.

Julie, to Alya

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Way easier said than done.


Ugh! Scarlett the Starlet.


What am I doing here?


Conquering the world!

Denzel, to Alya

Welcome to Keaton School of the Arts. Keaton is the key to your future.

Ms. Helsweel, to her students

This is gonna be the best four years of your lives. Not to say it's gonna be easy, but it is gonna change who you are for the better.

Mr. Park, to his students

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I think now would be a good time to know... what each one of you is capable of.

Mr. Park and Ms. Helsweel, to their students

So, let's see what you're made of.

Mr. Park and Ms. Helsweel, to their students

Isn't she the girl from that show, Born with the Robot? [...] Who doesn't watch TV?

Jax, to Miles

I don't watch TV. [...] People who don't own televisions.

Miles, to Jax

She's Chase from Chase and Chance. I love that show! I mean how much more intimidating can this day get?


Who's the student who came into my class late?

Mr. Park, to his students

Is she seriously freezing up? What an amateur!

Bianca, to the other Music Program students

Did she say her name was Alya or Elsa? I couldn't hear!

Bianca, to the other Music Program students

Sasha Roy here. AKA your boy, TMK, with some crucial advice for all you newbies.


Vanessa Morita!

Helsweel, to Vanessa

And again. And again, and again, and again, and again. That'll do. It's not the worst I've seen.

Ms. Helsweel, to Vanessa

That will be all.

Helsweel, to Carly

Which one of you is Vanessa Morita?

Cassandra, to Vanessa and Carly

You're the best!

Vanessa, to Carly

[sigh] This is going to be interesting.


He's super cute and really nice. I'm in trouble.


Oh, that silly grin in your face has got to go. You can get away with murder, don't you know?


Jax: You're good. You are really really good.

Kit: Yeah, I am.

So, yeah, that was awesome! One step closer to... what did that kid say? Conquering the world. I remember the day I found out I got into this school. I was refreshing my email obsessively and every time I heard that noise the beep-beep, I was like... Eventually, my mom took my phone away, the computer, the worst. No, but mostly she's the best. She drove us into the city, to the aquarium and we saw the sharks, and the jellyfish, and the cute crabs with the big claws and this working I'm totally distracted. Then, I'm at the stingray exhibit and my hand's literally in the water touching the living sea creature when my mom really knocks into me, and she's hugging me and crying. You got in! Alya, you got into Keaton! And then there we are, the two of us hugging and crying in the middle of the aquarium. Turns out my mom had my phone in her purse the whole time. Today, I almost quit and if it wasn't for Miles, I might be on a bus back home right now. But, I'm really glad I didn't.